Endless Innovation


Innovation is in our DNA at Kraton. As the inventor of styrenic block copolymers (SBC) and leading global producer of pine chemicals, we are continuously developing and advancing solutions that meet multi-market needs and differentiate customer products. Whether you need a safer alternative to latex gloves or better adhesion tackifiers, you can depend on Kraton to help push the boundaries of performance that power the future of innovation.  Regardless of application area, our approach to innovation involves developing a thorough understanding of the problem and determining how innovation tools can best deliver solutions that bring value to our customers.


  • About 200 scientists and engineers in Global R&D
  • 8 R&D locations worldwide
  • Portfolio of approximately 870 granted patents (including families)
  • Global R&D budget of $40.8 million (2017)



  • Technical support and application development
  • Operational excellence
  • New product development
  • Breakthrough technologies
  • Product stewardship and regulatory affairs
  • Analytical services
  • Health, Safety, Environment and Security



  • Bench scale polymerization, hydrogenation and wash in Kraton Innovation Center - Houston (KIC-HOU)
  • Paving & Roofing application and development labs in KIC-HOU and Kraton Innovation Center - Amsterdam (KIC-AMS)
  • Pilot plant in KIC-AMS with 1 gram to 10 kg scale
  • Semi-works plant in Belpre, OH with 10 kg to 1,000 kg scale
  • Application development capabilities in global R&D facilities for target market segments
  • Bench scale polymerization, esterification, dimerization, fractionation and hydrogenation in Kraton Innovation Center - Savanna (KIC-SAV) and Kraton Innovation Center - Almere (KIC-ALM)
  • State-of-the-art rubber processing and testing lab for tire applications in KIC-ALM
  • Dedicated analytical testing labs in KIC-HOU, KIC-SAV and KIC-ALM



Removable Coatings

Highly Modified Asphalt (HiMA)

Kraton DTM polymers with very low viscosity allow for pavement construction with Highly Modified Asphalt.

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Barrier Coatings

High Flow HSBC Polymers

Kraton innovations push the boundaries of HSBC technology by commercializing differentiated high melt flow HSBC polymers specifically designed to offer to the market unprecedented performances.

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Roof Coatings

Tie Layers

Kraton polymers offer the unique ability to band dissimilar materials such as barrier resins and polyolefins, providing strength and flexibility for packaging applications such as stand up pouches and clear retortable packaging.

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Barrier Coatings

Isoprene Rubber (IR) Latex

Cariflex™ IR latex is the ideal combination of the right polyisoprene structure with a complex emulsification process, allowing for improved control and consistency in the absence of gel particles.

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Roof Coatings


Our SIBS polymers offer controlled distribution of monomers in the midblock and hot-melt stability, providing formulating latitude for adhesives, compounds and films.

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Barrier Coatings

PVC Alternatives

Kraton polymers exhibit similar appearance and properties as PVC but without the addition of phthalates plasticizers.

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Kraton polymers provide a broad range of tack and adhesion with tailored adhesion to polar and non-polar substrates.

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